• Call us at 310-445-8900 or simply use our online tool http://tradeinsolutions.com/schedule-appointment to schedule your appointment. 

  • The entire process, from appraisal to completion of paperwork, release of liability, including DMV online transfer, will take approximately 45 minutes or less. For leased or financed vehicles Please allow extra 15 minutes for payoff verification through your lender.

    Please note: Dealers are not required to do online transfers through DMV for their customers. Therefore, Department of Motor Vehicle will not have any knowledge of the transfer until the vehicle is sold to a 3rd party.  However, Trade-In Solutions takes pride in making sure that this process is effective immediately to ensure our customers a peace of mind.

  • Our offer is good for 7 days or 350 miles, whichever comes first. However, our same day offer is $200 higher than the remaining 6 days.

  • If the offer is accepted our business office will immediately complete all necessary paperwork including DMV transfers. Payments are processed and shipped via FedEx Overnight the next day.
  • Our appraisers put your car through a detailed process in determining the condition of your car. First, they will take it on a short test drive to determine any mechanical issues. Then, using multiple sources, the appraiser will check certain factors to determine the true, current value of your car. Some of the factors are:

    • The year, make, model, mileage, interior and exterior condition
    • Aftermarket modifications. Unlike other dealers, we recognize that some modifications increase the value of your car or truck
    • The Carfax and Autocheck report, which details any previous accidents or damage

  • We don’t just give you a ballpark figure over the telephone. We inspect your car and take its specific condition into consideration. We offer you a fair, non-negotiable price.
  • We appraise hundreds of cars a month. We know the market trends and how to fairly and accurately determine the value of each car or truck they appraise.
  • Finally, you can be sure that your offer is determined by our senior appraisers that have decades of experience in the auto industry, and not like other dealers that hire and train appraisers with only a few months or a couple of years in the industry, and only rely on algorithms.
  • We will consider Kelley Blue Book, NADA, Edmunds, and the dealer's version of Kelley Blue Book which dealers, banks and insurance company use values, but use our own expertise to arrive at the final value for your car or truck. 
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