“Where Do I Sell My Car In West Covina?” Here’s Where

The West Covina Trade-In Solutions branch

If you’re shopping for a new car in the West Covina the auto mall chances are you’ve asked yourself “where do I sell my car in West Covina?”. With all the dealerships like Carmax in the area, it’s a valid question. However, selling your car in West Covina just got easier – our doors are now open!

Our Thanks

As we are lucky enough to open up another location and expand our outreach, we have our customers over the past 10+ years to thank. After spreading the good word and being the driver behind our business, we can’t wait to gain the same amazing reputation in West Covina.

Our Team

Our branch manager, Gil Kuhn, is surely the person to continue on the reputation. Previously, we was a General Manager with Manheim Auto Auctions for 18-years and has been an expert in the automotive industry ever since. Gil’s knowledge for vehicles extends through all years, makes and models assuring customers that they will get not only top-dollar for their car but also a customer experience that surpasses any that you would expect from a dealership.

Our Reputation

Although our West Covina branch just opened up, our staff will still live up to the reputation we have earned over the years here in Los Angeles. The thing that has made us stand out over the competition is in our DNA and will surely be carried on at every location we open now and in the future. It goes without saying, our offers are known to beat out dealerships but above that, our pride is in our customer service. We understand a good company is nowhere without its customers. We want you to come in, relax and enjoy the process of selling your car; not dread it. As we circle back to the question which got us here, “where do I sell my car in West Covina?”, you’ve now got your answer.

Our Answer

Want to talk to a team member or see which location is closest to you? Check out our locations here!