• Title Information

    We will need your title in order to transfer ownership. All individuals listed on the title, as registered owners; need to be present to sign off on the title. If you have lost your title or any of the registered owners cannot be present, please contact our business office prior to your visit to see if an override can be made.
  • Financed Vehicles

    We will need the 10 day payoff quote from your lender including the account number and last 4 digits of registered owner’s SSN#. Payoff quote can also be obtained upon preparing your transfer documents. All individuals listed as registered owner/owners, cosigner or co-applicant need to be present to sign off on transfer documents and pay-off authorization form. If any of the registered owners, cosigner or co-applicant cannot be present, please contact our business office prior to your visit to see if an override can be made. Please note: A) In an event that there is a negative equity on the payoff, Trade-In Solutions must collect the deficiency in order to provide the lender the full amount of payoff before receiving the title. B) In an event that there is a positive equity, Trade-In Solutions will issue the funds but will not release the positive equity to the registered owner until the title is obtained after payoff. Please call for more details.

  • Leased Vehicles

    Trade-In Solutions affiliation with its network of franchise/new car dealerships, allows us access to an abundance of inventory of lease returns, early terminations and factory rep vehicles prior to them being sent to auction. Therefore, having access to such a large inventory, we do not purchase leased vehicles from private parties.

    Please call for details of exceptions on certain year models.

  • Registration

    Your registration may be current or expired. However, please be aware if it is not current and there are any penalties and/or fees due, these charges will be deducted from your proceeds. Trade-In Solutions will do all of this for you unlike most dealers that require this be done prior to trading in your car.

  • Valid Photo ID

    We will need valid state-issued photo identification of all individuals listed on the title. Acceptable forms of identification are: a valid Driver’s License, a US or Foreign Passport, Military Identification Card, or State Ids, are all acceptable forms of identification.

  • Keys and Remotes

    All originally supplied keys and remotes are required when selling us your car. Our purchase offer may be adjusted, (prices vary by year, make, and model), in order to obtain any missing keys and remotes.

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