A visual inspection and short test drive is necessary to determine an accurate and fair offer for your car. The entire process from start to finish usually takes 45-minutes or less.
While we accept customers who walk-in, we recommend you to make an appointment so that the process to purchase your vehicle will be quick and easy. Although we welcome anyone that walks through our door, walk-ins may lead to a longer waiting time.
Not at all. If your car is leased or financed, all you will need is a 10-day payoff quote from your lender as well as your account information.

If your car is financed:

You will need to have ALL individuals present during the time of sale to sign the transfer and payoff documents. If the registered owner(s), co-signer(s) or co-applicant(s) can’t be present, please contact our office prior to your visit to see what we can do for you.


If your car is leased:

Many vehicles are eligible to be purchased by us and may be of benefit to the seller prior to returning to lessor because of their positive equity.

Please note – if there is negative equity on the payoff, we must collect the deficiency in order to provide the lender with the full amount of the payoff before receiving the title.

In an event that there is a positive equity on the payoff, we will gladly issue that to you.

No big deal. We’ll purchase your vehicle and issue funds, but we can’t release it until title is obtained from DMV.

Don’t worry about that. Our costs for correcting or repairing any damages are usually less than what it may cost you so let us do the work for you so you can save yourself the time and money.
While we are similar in operation, we’re also different in every other way. Although we buy cars, we do not have retail inventory to sell to our customers. Our team aims to change the car buying experience for everyone that walks in our doors and make sure they not only leave with a higher offer but also with an amazing customer experience.
We welcome all cars from year 2004 and onward. We purchase classic and exotics as well.
All you need to bring is ID, title (if owned), registration and all keys.

  • If you don’t have your title, then we can request a duplicate title. (California only)
  • If you don’t have your registration, we can look it up for you. (California only)
  • If you don’t have all the keys, depending on the year make and model, fees may vary.

Nope, our team does all the work. We can access DMV information directly to gather all the necessary information on your vehicle for you.

After your appointment, we will mail your check to you via FedEx Standard Overnight.