1. Vehicle Title

We will need your title in order to transfer ownership. Also, any and all individuals listed as a registered owner of your vehicle need to be present at the time of sale in order to sign all transfer and payoff documents.
If you lost your title or any of the registered owners cannot be present, please call our office before your visit to see what strings we can pull.

2. DMV Registration

If your registration is expired – no worries, we can still buy your car. Any outstanding balance owed to the DMV will just be deducted from the purchase price of your car.

3. Valid Photo ID

Driver’s license, military identification card or passport are all fine by us.

4. Keys & Remotes

Give us what you got. If you’re missing anything, don’t worry about trying to get a new one. Depending on the year, make and model of your car, we’ll just deduct the cost from our offer for you car. There’s one less thing to stress about.