Depreciating Cars – We Hope You Didn’t Buy These Cars Brand New

An inforgraphic cover on depreciating cars

Resale value. The bane of all new car existence.  A lot of times, when a customer comes in to sell their car and discovers how much their once new car has depreciated, they’re in a state of shock.

While we’re known to give the most cash for used cars in Los Angeles, the simple fact of the matter is some cars depreciate more heavily than others. Unfortunately for new car owners, depreciation isn’t predictable; especially if your car is a brand-new model. Factors ranging from reliability to desirability all play a role in determining how much or how little a car’s value will tank – so let’s hope your car didn’t make the list.

Here’s a list of the top 10 recent cars with the highest depreciation:

  1. Cadillac ATS: average net loss of $6,099 (-31.8%)
  2. Fiat 500: average net loss of $11,106 (-31.9%)
  3. Jaguar XF: average net loss of $19,996 (-32.3%)
  4. Lincoln MKZ: average net loss of $14,177 (-33.8%)
  5. Nissan Maxima: average net loss of $12,469 (-34%)
  6. Mercedes-Benz C250: average net loss $15,247 (34.3%)
  7. Kia Cadenza: average net loss of $12,940 (-34.3%)
  8. Volvo S60: average net loss of $14,204 (-34.4%)
  9. Lincoln MKS: average net loss $16,039 (-34.5%)
  10. Fiat 500L: average net loss of $8,096 (34.6%)