California Looking to Pass on the Pump By 2040

Blake Bijari 01/08/18

We can’t say we didn’t see it coming but it couldn’t come soon enough. California’s assembly member Phil Ting is looking for the entire state to go green by introducing a bill that would prohibit the sale of new cars that run on gasoline by the year 2040. In an effort to drastically reduce gas…

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Toyota/Lexus Aims for 2025 to be the Year of the EV

Blake Bijari 12/21/17

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll notice that we love covering automotive news surrounding electric vehicles and how manufacturers are slowly but surely gearing towards making the switch the go fully electric in the near future. Of those manufacturers, Toyota/Lexus has always been known to be one of the first to make any pivots…

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Audi Aiming to Re-Do Diesel

Blake Bijari 11/15/17

As much as electric vehicles are all the rage right now, Audi is taking another stab at going green with its development of synthetic diesel fuel. If successfully executed, the end result can be an eco-friendlier alternative fuel source derived completely from electricity, water and air all while emitting little to no carbon dioxide. While…

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California Pumping Up Taxes On Gas

Blake Bijari 11/02/17

Don’t shoot the messenger but for us Californians, state tax on a gallon of gas and diesel fuel just went up as of yesterday November 1st. In an effort to better road conditions across the state as well as implement several public transportation initiatives, Governor Jerry Brown hopes to patch up what he believes is…

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