So You’ve Sold Us Your Car – What’s Next? A Short Guide To Leasing Or Financing Your Next Vehicle

Blake Bijari 10/10/17

The age-old question that many customers ask after selling us their car. Whether they’ve saved enough to upgrade or want to keep things simple, unfortunately the answer never simply leans one way or the other. There are several lifestyle factors that you (and your family) must consider before pulling the trigger on leasing or financing…

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Why Do Dealership Sales Associates Get A Bad Wrap? This Could Be Why…

Blake Bijari 09/20/17

Dealerships Not Selling Their Sales Positions? Interest in the sales position at dealerships are at a notable decline which may have a ripple effect that bleeds down to their customers. According to Isabelle Helms, head of research and market intelligence for Cox Automotive in Atlanta, job seekers would entertain the idea of working in the…

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Ride Sharing Shakes the Taxi-Cab World

Blake Bijari 06/17/17

Uber, Lyft, and SideCar have all become words applicable for a quarter in the swear jar in the homes of taxi cab drivers. Just this past September, California officially sanctioned and is now regulating ride sharing in it’s state. In the hearing to vote in it’s legitimacy, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) had a…

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Solar Roadways: Paving the way for clean energy

Blake Bijari 06/06/14

The automobile is ever changing. A little over a century ago in 1908 (this isn’t the start of a history lesson, don’t worry), the first affordable car was built, Ford’s Model T. With that came essentially nothing that wasn’t absolutely necessary for the car to run, but in today’s world, cars have everything from lane-departure…

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No gas pedal? No steering wheel? No problem

Blake Bijari 06/03/14

In one of our more recent articles updating you on Google’s self-driving car, we left off asking the question, “how exactly will they implement the technology?” Their testing involved numerous Prii (yes, “Prii” is the official plural form as of February 20, 2011 according to Toyota), as well as many Lexus RXs. However, in recently…

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BlueIndy to pave the way for electric-car sharing in the U.S.

Blake Bijari 05/30/14

Let’s face it, the economy isn’t too hot right now and everyone knows it. Most Americans are facing a shift in their buying habits, leaning more towards conserving rather than spending while trying to trim costs wherever they can. Rightfully so, as a tightened job market continues to leave many in uncertainty and student loans…

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