Nissan Begins Testing “Self-Cleaning” Paint

If you’re the run-of-the-mill germaphobe then oh boy, Nissan may be making a strong case for your business on your next car purchase or lease. With their catchphrase, “Innovation that excites”, this is definitely something that got us thrilled. Instead of the same old boring emphasis of increased savings in gas by 900%, or sensors that beep and flash if you get within a mile of another object, Nissan may be changing up the game a little bit with their prototype product for paint jobs called Ultra-Ever Dry.

Now, the claim that they are really shooting for is the aspect that this new tech would result in a “self-cleaning car”. Not sure if that is completely the case but we get the point, and regardless of whether they get the right tag line or not it is definitely enough to stir the pot and get people wondering. Essentially it works like this: cars get put through its paces, whether you’re the hardcore, weekend off-roader or the office space daily commuter, your car will get dirty. With Ultra-Ever Dry applied to the paint (as seen in the video), dirt, grime, mud, snow, etc. slide right off and leave no trace. Suddenly, modern day technology and magic runs a fine line.

So who is this for? Well, basically everyone. Traditionally one would opt for a quick stop at their local car wash, pay $10-$20 (add a tip for you generous folk) for a basic wash then go about their day. Others would go for cleaning it themselves in their driveway; an American past-time sure, but can take a fair amount of time which many don’t have. So we are left with two options, first being to pay which many would rather stay dirty than do, or do it yourself which can be time consuming and frustrating. Plus, for those of us who own black cars we all know that there is only so much time to cherish your shiny-new ride.

When the product/paint finish will drop is still unclear. Early testing is still going on for different environments, weather conditions, and various dirtying materials, but judging by the video it seems to be pretty well battle tested already. With that, we applaud Nissan for bringing something to the table that will surely be pleasing to all car owners alike, and we’re definitely confident that the car company will get the nod from soccer moms just as long as Ultra-Ever Dry ever develops an interior, juicebox-repellent variant.


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Video from: Nissan Europe via YouTube