Toyota/Lexus Aims for 2025 to be the Year of the EV

Toyota EV logo

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll notice that we love covering automotive news surrounding electric vehicles and how manufacturers are slowly but surely gearing towards making the switch the go fully electric in the near future. Of those manufacturers, Toyota/Lexus has always been known to be one of the first to make any pivots based off technological advancements and by 2025 they plan on offering fully electric versions of every car they sell.

As infrastructure like charging stations become more readily available and travel distances on batteries increase so will the demand for EVs. It also helps that by that time that will be available, it will be at a more affordable cost.

Don’t worry gas-lovers, Toyota/Lexus still plans on keeping most of their plug-in hybrid vehicles in the mix, but the electric-initiative will be seen in China first being that they carry the most demand for EVs. Once traction begins in that market, you can expect suit to follow in markets like the United States, Japan and Europe.

Drivers always look to trade in the old and go with the newest technology, so we are expecting purchasing more and more gas-powered cars as automakers like Toyota/Lexus begin to transition to electric. We would like to give Toyota/Lexus a big round of applause for putting the pedal to the metal by following through with their Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 which was a goal they set to cutting CO2 emissions of its vehicles by 90% of 2010 levels.

If you are looking to get yourself into an electric vehicle and need to sell your current car at a fair and honest price, feel free to bring your car in so we can help you take the next step towards your earth-friendly car!