Toyota/Lexus Aims for 2025 to be the Year of the EV

A blue suv parked in front of a pink house.

If you’ve been keeping up with Trade-In Solutions‘ blog, you’ll notice our keen interest in automotive news, particularly the exciting developments in electric vehicles and the industry’s transition towards full electrification. Toyota and Lexus stand out as prime examples in this electrifying shift.

Toyota/Lexus, known for pioneering technological advancements, plans to offer fully electric versions of all their cars by 2025. As charging infrastructure expands and battery range improves, the demand for EVs will rise, especially as costs become more affordable.

For those who prefer gas-powered vehicles, Toyota and Lexus will still offer plug-in hybrid options. However, their electric push will start in China due to high EV demand, with plans to expand to other markets like the US, Japan, and Europe.

As drivers embrace new technology, we anticipate an increase in trade-ins of gas-powered cars, especially with automakers like Toyota/Lexus transitioning to electric.

Kudos to Toyota/Lexus for committing to their Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by 90% compared to 2010 levels.

If you’re considering an electric vehicle and need to sell your current car, visit Trade In Solutions for a fair and honest deal. Let’s take the next step towards a greener future together!